Conexión San Ángelo/ Staff Report

SAN ANGELO–The Central Bobcats had an open date to prepare for their district opener against the Abilene High Eagles. The Cats were better off playing as they were red-hot with a five game winning streak; unfortunately 5 straight wins in non-district when get you anything when it comes to district play. On Friday night, CHS' time off affected their offensive unit as the Bobcats were stunned by the Eagles 31-24 at Shotwell Stadium.

The Bobcats' offense sputtered, committing costly turnovers while the Cat defense had troubles of their own from an Eagles' ground and pound offense that racked up huge numbers.

Although the Bobcats tied the score 24 all in the third quarter, the difference between both teams was that one team--the Eagles got their winning score in the fourth while the Cats couldn't get theirs. 

The good news for the Bobcats is two-fold.  First, Central has a chance to get back into the district race as the Cats (0-1) host Midland High Bulldogs (1-0) on Friday, Oct. 16 at San Angelo Stadium. Second, the teams ahead of Central, the Eagles and the Odessa Permian Panthers, both 1-0, play each other at Ratliff Stadium the same night as Central plays. Should the Cats win, they would be tied with one of those teams.
Other district games scheduled: Midland Lee Rebels host the Odessa Bronchos, both with 0-1 in district.