SFDRCISD Police Investigate Reports at Del Rio Middle School

Del Rio Middle School administration and SFDRCISD Police received several reports that a middle
school-aged student, during the after school release from school, was seen pulling out what appeared
to be a paint ball gun from his backpack. At no time was there a threat made by the student to anyone.
SFDRCISD Police investigated the incident and confirmed that the student had an air-soft gun.
SFDRCISD and Del Rio Middle School want to reassure our employees, parents, students and our
community that we will continue to remain vigilant and address any and all issues as they arise.
We ask parents to carefully monitor the items being brought to school, and continue to encourage your
children to promptly report any incident or behavior that may appear inappropriate or threatening to
their principal or security personnel.
Students and parents also need to be familiar with the SFDRCISD Student Code of Conduct, which
outlines the District’s rules and regulations regarding inappropriate behavior (to include prohibited
items), and is required by state law and intended to promote school safety and an atmosphere for
learning. We believe that students can make responsible decisions regarding their behavior when they
understand the rules and the consequences of violating them