Rubén Cantú-Rodríguez/Conexión Del Río

DEL RIO – A woman tried to grab a Del Rio Police officer’s gun, and while she failed in her attempt to get a hold of the weapon, she was able to bite him and scratch him before being subdued. Ruth Montoya, 21-years-of-age, of Del Rio, is now in jail where she is facing charges for aggravated assault on a public servant.

Friday, September 2, 2016 the Del Rio Police Department received a call about a woman who refused to leave a residence in the 900 block of W Chapoy Street. Upon arrival responding officer Cpl. Rogelio Montelongo, tried to talk the woman into leaving the residence.

The woman was cooperative, but when the officer called a mental facility to try to get help for her, the woman went on full attack mode and charged against Montelongo.

Police reports state that Montoya has a history of mental issues, according to a family member.

The report states that Montoya reached for Montelongo’s gun and tried to grab it, but she was unsuccessful. Yet she was able to bite officer Montelongo on the shoulder, bite the tip of his finger, and scratch him in the neck area.

When Montoya was finally restrained, Montelongo received medical attention. Montoya was taken to Val Verde County / GEO corrections facility, while Montelongo is back on duty.

While in custody, Montoya will be assessed to receive medical treatment under the supervision of a court.