Gregorio Gutiérrez, Jim Sánchez  Conexión Del Rio

DEL RIO  – Mr. Ernesto and Mrs. Melinda Perez recently were interviewed by Conexión San Del Rio in which they talked about the great opportunity they had in Corpus Christi when they first heard about Stream Company, which completely changed their lives.

"I worked with a financial company in selling insurance.” “That's when they showed me this program” said Mr. Perez. Perez asked himself if he wanted to save money and at the same time, make money. His response resulted in an initial start with 13 members to where now they have 10,000 plus associates.


Perez remembers when he was invited by a lady he had met to her house; a boy was the one who gave the Stream presentation. The presentation was impressive enough that it motivated Perez to help save money for other people and make a difference in their lives. “My job is now to help and motivate more people to also make their team” Perez said. The Perez’ goal is to leave something of a financial benefit for their children.

For those interested in starting their own company $200 dollars is required to invest; and they must get three consumers. "I also belong to Stream and I have 3,686 associates as this business has allowed me to make many friends and meet many people, said Mrs. Linda Meza. “Here is an opportunity for people who want to form their own company and make a change in their life.”

For more information on Stream, contact with Mrs.  Meza at (325) 245-5157, Mrs. Virginia Sanchez at (325) 450-1183; or Mr. Gregorio Gutiérrez of Conexión Hispana at (325) 227-7815.