Miss Del Rio Contestants 




Teen Contestant #1 – Emilia Lucero Reyes




Emilia Lucero Reyes is the 17-year-old daughter of Yolanda and Rodrigo Reyes. She attends Del Rio High school where she is a member of student council, the Media Tech. Club, and Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALs) program. Emilia is a senior at the Early College High School program where she will graduate with her High School Diploma and Associates degree from South West Texas Junior College this summer of 2019.  Emilia would like to take this opportunity to thank her family and friends for supporting her every step of the way towards success. Thanks be to God.


Teen Contestant #2 – Kaylee Nicole Yi



Kaylee Nicole Yi is the 16-year-old daughter of Chang and Cecilia Yi. She is a junior at Del Rio High School and is an active member of Student Council, National Technical Honor Society, National Honor Society and Health Science Club. Kaylee is always willing to lend a helping hand through community service. She has donated countless hours of her time to charities like The American Cancer Society, Briana’s Blessings, and the World Vision organization, which are only a few. After graduating High School, she will attend Baylor University and pursuing a degree majoring in Biology with a minor in Theology. Kaylee will then attend medical school with the aspiration of becoming a Pediatric Doctor. Kaylee would like to thank her friends and family for their endless love and support, most importantly she would like to thank God for the strength and courage, without him none of this would be possible. 



Teen Contestant #3 – Alexys Amirah De Hoyos




Alexys Amirah De Hoyos is the 17-year-old daughter of Dae’Lamor Molina and Albert De Hoyos. She is currently a Senior at Del Rio High School and a member of the Del Rio Varsity Queens Softball Team. Alexys is currently enrolled in the EMT course and upon graduation she hopes to gain her EMT certification.  She plans to continue her education at the University of The Incarnate Word in San Antonio where she hopes to become a pediatrician. Alexys’ primary goal is to work in a hospital where she can give immediate care to all children. When she is not busy with school work she likes to spend her time at church, with family and friends, and helping others. She describes herself as outgoing, fun loving, joyful and simple. Alexys would like to take this opportunity to thank her family and friends for all the support, and her sponsors AMD Energy Services and Ortiz & Ortiz, Attorneys-At-Law.  


Teen Contestant #4 – Zabreena Esquivel Venegas




Zabreena Esquivel Venegas is the 14-year-old daughter of Martha Venegas. She is currently enrolled in Del Rio Freshman School. Zabreena plans to graduate from Del Rio High School to enroll in University of Texas at San Antonio. There she will study and major in Biology. Her love for children sparked her interest in becoming a Pediatric Dentist. One goal Zabreena has is to become successful in life. On Zabreena’s spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with family, or running. Zabreena would like to take this opportunity to thank her sponsors, family, and God for all the love and support in everything she does.



Teen Contestant #5 – Victoria Iliana Rios



Victoria Rios is the 16-year-old daughter of Dr. Carlos and Anna Rios. She is a junior in High School and is a member of Del Rio’s Varsity Cheer and Track team, as well as National Honor Society and the Junior Representative of the Health Science Club. Victoria enjoys volunteering at her church as she in involved in St. Joseph’s Teen ACTS Community. Victoria plans on attending Texas A&M University in pursuit of becoming a Dermatologist. She would like to thank God for this opportunity and the amazingly supportive friends and family she has. Victoria believes that with


Miss Contestant #1 – Nadia Martinez




Nadia Martinez is the 18-year-old daughter of Rene and Cynthia Martinez. Nadia is currently a senior at Early College High School.  Her future plans are to attend Angelo State University next fall to receive a bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. When she is not cheering on the Rams or Queens as a Ram Cheerleader, she is playing her violin with the High School Group Mariachi Del Amanecer. Nadia enjoys volunteering with her local church or spending time with her family and friends especially her favorite past time, tubing down the famous San Felipe creek.   Nadia would like to give thanks to God for her family and friends who continue to support her through


Miss Contestant #2 - Brianna Marrufo




Brianna Marrufo is the 18-year-old daughter of Jerry and Amy Marrufo. She is currently enrolled at South West Texas Junior College where she is earning her associates degree. Brianna plans to continue her studies in Mass Communication and Journalism at The University of Texas in San Antonio next fall where she hopes to get an internship at a news station. Brianna’s goal is to become a News Anchor. Brianna is very driven by her goals and has always strived to help the people around her. First, she would like to take this time to thank God for giving her the ability to always chase her dreams and guide her in all she does. With God everything is possible. Secondly, she would like to thank her loving and caring family and friends for always supporting her in all she does.