Two Countries, One Friendship


Conexión Del Rio / Jennifer Sauceda


DEL RIO, TX – The International Good Neighbor Council in Del Rio has dedicated its resources between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña to grow and lead to a friendship between the neighboring cities. Dora Alcala former president of Del Rio who is the president of the International Good Neighbor Council, spoke with the Conexión Del Rio Newspaper about an upcoming event coming to Del Rio.


“This year is very special because we are hosting the International Good Neighbor Council Annual convention in Del Rio. This is an international convention that encompasses the United States and Mexico. Last Year the convention was in Tampico Tamaulipas it was a beautiful Convention,” she said.


She also spoke about the upcoming Fiestas de la Amistad, which is in different cities across Texas.


“Every Year we, the international Good neighbor Council we host for the city of the Del Rio, San Angelo, Sonora, Eagle Pass las fiestas de la Amistad. We have a parade, the Abrazo, the Mayors reception.  And all of this will be joined by the delegates of the council. They will arrive on October 18th and they will be here till the 20th.  The Silver Eagle Mr. Carlos Ayala is going to host the reception which we call the ice breaker,” she said. For more information visit,