Saying goodbye to San Angelo

Del RIO – In a  recent visit of the Mexican Consulate from Del Rio to San Angelo, Consul José Briseño took the opportunity to say goodbye to San Angelo and thank the people who collaborated with him for many years.
When interviewing him, he said. "We have established the mobile consulate at the Tom Green county bookstore in downtown San Angelo to assist our fellow citizens and other applicants with the services of the Mexican consulate. For many years we gave our service in the offices of the Hernandez Law Firm and now in this new location.

The good is over, I've already been here for 5 years meeting people like; Monette Molinar, a leader who has known how to promote our roots through our Mexican parties, Mr. Joe Hernández who has represented the Mexican consulate legally here in the community of San Angelo, and wonderful people like you Gregorio who have proven to work for years and years for this community of San Angelo and Del Rio. 

In mid-August 2018 I move to Sacramento, California, so I take this opportunity to thank the authorities and leaders of San Angelo who gave me the opportunity to receive their valuable support so that Mexican residents in this city can be cared for professionally by our consulate. " He concluded.