DEL RIO, TX – WIC has been helping individuals in assisting them to get the nutrition they need, especially in Del Rio.

Luz Covarrubias, who is the director of WIC in Del Rio started off 7 years ago as the breastfeeding counselor, in February of 2018 she became the director.

Luz Covarrubias, WIC DIRECTOR


“I get help from everybody, my supervisor is Ms. Elsa Reyes has helped me so much everything I know about being a director is because of her. Juanita Salazar who’s the assistant has also helped me so much. I have a team that I can call for help and they guide me and because of them I’m here.  I love to work in a team and thank god we all support each other and help each other one of the biggest blessings for me,” Covarrubias said.


Juanita Salazar, Assitant 


She loves helping everyone that walks through the door and sometimes she cannot help them, she partnered up with Centro Vertel and refers those who need help to them. That is her main goal.

“That’s my main goal but also to educate how to balance your money, how to get yourself out of a problem,” she said.

To qualify for WIC, you can have kids under 5 years old, have Medicaid, or food stamps. You automatically qualify, they can also go based on income. 

WIC is hosting an event on August 15th, 2018 to celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month and to promote breastfeeding, this event is from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They want to reach out to moms who don’t have WIC.

“We invite all the community. The purpose is to encourage women to breastfeed. I have agencies who have confirmed that they will attend, one of them being the Mexican consult and they will inform the community about their services,” she said.

To get more information about how you can qualify for WIC, here is their website: 

Here is the WIC Del Rio Office Address:

200 Bridge St, 

Del Rio, TX 78840

(830) 774-8609