Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Roy Gárcia

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE – At this month’s ‘Fiesta of Flight’ Open House and Air Show, over 35 aircraft were on display with 16 scheduled performances.

Conexión Del Rio interviewed Laughlin Air Force Base pilot instructor, Airman Ibarra. 

“We’ve tried to create the best aviators we possibly can for the world.” “I think we’ve done a fantastic job, and that all pretty much starts here at Laughlin as well as in our other training bases that also teach other pilots how to fly.” 

“This jet is the T6A; we train the pilots how to fly, so this is really their first experience in flying an air force aircraft.” “When they do follow on training, they go to either the fighter route or the heavy route,” Ibarra said. 

“How do you feel about serving your country? 

“I absolutely love my job” “I am blessed to be able to teach the students and try to instill the values I’ve learned to future generations” concluded Ibarra.