Conexión Del Rio/ Staff report

DEL RIO – Former mayoral candidate of Del Rio, Mario Bosquez, stated that he is not promising changes, rather he will act in the best interests of Del Rioans. Bosquez on his second go-around is running this time as representative of District 1.

“Four years ago, I ran for Mayor of the City of Del Rio. At that time, some people tried to influence me to make a policy based on “‘Why don’t you say this?’”.  “I do not intend to subject myself to individual commitments. Del Rio does not need personal thoughts, or ideas, or someone who puts his or her name in front of a platform. Active leadership is needed to represent and promote the community with the values that support it: family, industry, tourism, natural resources, and our international ties,” said Bosquez.

“I want a better Del Rio because I see the importance of creating jobs; and building a university because our children are moving away to other cities. 

Also, the relationship with our border, Mexico, is vital as we are connected together.

“I ask for your vote as a representative of District 1. On May 5th Election Day, go out and vote,” concluded Bosquez.