Conexión Del Rio/ Staff report

DEL RIO– Agents at the Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Headquarters hosted Leadership Del Rio members March 22, as part of the program’s visit to local law enforcement agencies.  Leadership Del Rio is comprised of business leaders from the community who are committed to mutual improvement through partnership and communication. 

The Sector’s Deputy Chief Patrol Agent, Matthew J. Hudak, presented an overview of Del Rio Sector’s operations.  He also talked about how leadership values, and how area leaders can each contribute to the betterment of the community.  He also offered a glimpse into his personal leadership experience to demonstrate different aspects of personnel management and how those principles can, and have been, applied in real-world settings.

After the briefing, the group received a guided tour of the headquarters facility and were shown how the Del Rio Sector conducts its daily operations though its communications and intelligence center. Leadership Del Rio participants were then taken to the sector’s Special Operations Detachment, where Dustin Caudle, the detachment’s Patrol Agent in Charge, gave another presentation and overview of his detachment’s mission and responsibility.

Echoing Deputy Chief Hudak’s earlier emphasis on the essential elements of leadership, PAIC Caudle gave a sobering reminder of the dangers and challenges that border communities face and how responsible leaders can effect positive change through unity and cooperation with each other.  Finally, participants got to see first-hand the deployment of an Electronic Controlled Weapon, commonly known as a “taser” demonstration, showing just one of the many tools that law enforcement officers use to conduct their duties more safely and effectively.

Del Rio Sector was proud to host the Del Rio Leadership Group and remains committed to the safety and security of this great nation and to its continuous and ongoing partnership with the Del Rio community.