Gregorio Gutiérrez. Jim Sánchez/ Conexión Del Rio

DEL RIO – “History has shown that waves of change occur when culture, society, and economies are at a crossroads. What has worked in the past is no longer sufficient in the present. Instead, new ideas, new perspective and new experiences are needed to ensure the challenges of stagnation and complacency are corrected steadfast,” Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano.

Last month when Lozano posted this statement on his Facebook account, he also then announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Del Rio. Lozano, a graduate of Del Rio High School and former U.S. Air Force security law enforcement officer, in an interview with Conexión Del Rio, spoke about the "changing of the guard", meaning to lean toward a new generation and accountability.  

“It is time for a generation of new, young blood to take charge.” 

“My generation that is in their 20s and mid-30s, we talk a lot on social media about the need to change things in wanting to have an impact on the world.”

As for accountability in politics, “accountability and transparency are one of the biggest issues for which constituents want to hold leadership accountable for,” said Lozano. 

“It is time for new ideas and new visions of the future. It is time the next generation takes action and get involved in local politics. We can continue our heritage through proper investments in infrastructure, culture, and services and that can start with accountability. An accountable government is a strong and trustworthy government. Some of that change includes the steadfast growth that the entire border region sees. Another change is the global connection thanks to technology.”

"Other nearby cities have prevailed because our local governing entities are busy arguing over matters that need resolution and compromise. It is time we come together and grow. Having visited various cultures has given me a unique trait, and that is adaptability. Being able to adapt to the varying needs of constituents, businesses, military, and international community is key to being able to find resolution and compromise.” “I’m running for mayor of Del Rio because Del Rio is at a precipice of change,” Lozano concluded.

Lozano and another challenger, Arturo Rodriguez, are both running against Del Rio’s incumbent, Mayor, Robert Garza.

Early day voting is April 23 and Election Day is May 5.