Conexión Del Rio/ Reno Luna, Public Information Officer, San Felipe Del Rio C.I.S.D.

DEL RIO – Del Rio Middle School Robotics teams traveled to San Antonio on January 20, 2018 to compete at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Lego League Qualifier at Lutheran High School. About 65 students applied for robotics membership and 35 students made the final teams.  The students were then divided into three teams and began meeting at least 3 times a week after school to prepare for their competition.  The teams were judged based on three categories: Core Values, Project, and the Robot Game. 

Each team had to justify how they used the Core Values listed out by the competition league. The students had to be able to describe individual experiences where they respected their peers, teammates, coach, and everyone else around them on a daily basis. As a team, each member had to say their part in the team to show how everyone was included.

The Project portion of the competition required the students to come up with an innovative idea to solve an existing problem of the human water cycle – how we collect, store, and use water. After extensive research, each team decided on a problem they wanted to tackle and began brainstorming creative solutions. They then presented their ideas at the competition in front of a panel of judges. 

And finally, after many hours of practice, each team created a robot that could complete multiple missions within a given amount of time. The teams then presented their design and programs at the competition and showed which missions it could complete. 

All three teams earned an award at competition. The Del Rio Digitals earned the Gracious Professionalism award, meaning their team stood out for their Core Values while competing. The Derp-a-trons received an award for their Project Presentation, and they will be advancing to the Regional Championship in March. The Metal Muscle team placed 2nd overall out of the 24 teams and will also advance to the next level of the competition. Both teams will compete at the Alamo West Regional Championships on March 3, 2018.