Conexión Del Rio/ Rene Luna, SFDRCISD, PIO, contributor   

DEL RIO – In accordance with board policy, the San Felipe Del Rio CISD Board of Trustees have announced its intent to rename Garfield Elementary. Members of the Del Rio community have the opportunity to submit nominations for naming the school. The guidelines which govern the permanent naming of new or existing District elementary facilities includes the following:

“Consideration shall be given to naming elementary schools after the area or subdivision in which they are located or after individuals who have made significant contributions to the educational program of the District or the community”. CW(LOCAL)

A person who wishes to submit a name for consideration should provide a clear, concise explanation of why the name should be honored.  Supplemental materials such as news clippings, letters of recommendation, and other printed resources may be submitted along with the nomination.

Nominations should be submitted using the form available from the District by mail or e-mail, or delivered by hand to the Superintendent’s secretary. Nominations will be taken through Friday, February 2, 2018 at 5 p.m.

The Board of Trustees will consider various criteria for the selection of an elementary school name, including but not limited to the following:

• The area or subdivision in which the school is located;

• An individual’s contribution to the education service or support, such as the length of education service or support; type of education service or support; impact or influence on education; level of responsibilities; length and nature of community service within the San Felipe Del Rio CISD; residence in the District; reputation within the educational community; innovativeness and/or outstanding character trait.

A Selection Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees will review all submitted nominations and supporting documentation. They will conduct background research to deter- mine whether the names meet the requirements of the District policy. The committee will then schedule a public forum to solicit input on the selected name and shall reconvene after the public meeting to consider the information received. If there is evidence of adequate support from the public for a specific name, or in the absence of credible opposition to the name, the committee will submit the name to the Board for its consideration. If public support is not evident during the public forum, the committee may choose to consider another name. 

The Board's final selection will be determined during the regular Board Meeting in February.