Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Jim Sánchez, Conexión Del Rio 

DEL RIO – “Mr. Gomez exemplified the highest ideals of public service to his fellow citizens as a Board member of the Housing Authority of the City of Del Rio through his devotion to all the Housing Authority Programs with the generous contribution of his time and talents; . . .” 

Those words were inscribed on a plaque that was given to Henry Gonzalo Gomez who was recognized for his public service as a county commissioner and chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of Del Rio, this past September. Gomez served six years on the board from February 1, 2006 – January 31, 2012.

Gomez stated that Housing Authority was founded by Arturo Gonzalez. “Gonzalez saw that those on low-income and struggling financially needed assistance with the rent; he realized that not everyone wanted him to do that, that is help them out, financially” said Gomez.

Gomez had a storied career before becoming a board member of the Housing Authority. Upon graduation from high school, he enlisted in the Army in 1962 where he had opportunities to see such places as the Caribbean, Florida, New York.

After his years in the military, Mr. Gomez worked various jobs, one was selling insurance door-to-door. He eventually worked his way up to becoming an executive. Another position he held was being a loan officer, where once again he worked up the ladder; this time as vice president. Then in 1972 “I moved to Bank in Trust with the same title as a vice president where I was there for 34 years until I retired in 2006,” Gomez said.

Although Henry retired, he is still active on the board of Bank and Trust and in his community. He is also involved with the Lions Club, the Red Cross and the Del Rio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

As for family, “I have two kids, one son is a Funeral Director while the other one is a Radiography Technician.” Gomez and wife of 51 years, Maria Alicia Reyna de Gomez, have four grand kids. 

I would like to say that my wife, Maria, is a good friend and a good mother.” “She has helped me and supported me in everything I have done.”