Gregorio Gutiérrez / Conexión Del Rio

DEL RIO – In 1960, Del Rio and Acuña forged a “amistad,” Spanish word which in English means, “friendship” that eventually bonded the two communities together.

Over the weekend, Del Rio Mayor, Robert Garza, and Cuidad Acuña, Muncipal President, Evaristo Lenin continued that traditional, “Abrazo” (hug) Ceremony between two sister cities.

Del Rio Mayor, Robert Gaza was asked how important was it for his administration to celebrate the annual Fiesta de Amistad which is now in its 57th year?

“The ceremony is greatly significant because it commemorates a continual level of cooperation and friendship between Acuña and Del Rio,” said Mayor Garza. “It demonstrates to ourselves and to the world that we can cooperate and work together in identifying goals that will benefit both cities.”

Both cultures collaboratively, can achieve what neither could possibly do on its own.