Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Jim Sánchez Conexión Del Rio

DEL RIO – When Conexión Del Rio interviewed Cynthia De Luna, President and CEO of Housing Authority of Del Rio, she gave an update on two specific areas: remodeling of several properties and the construction of a community building which was much needed by its residents.

“On behalf of board of directors and board of commissioners we are very excited about what is going on at Housing Authority of Del Rio,” said De Luna. Casas Del Rio is doing an upgrade as they are getting a whole new unit and new aspect on the outside. HA of Del Rio’s job, goal and vision is to help those people that need affordable housing. 

“We have re-developed two of our properties--Casas del Rio, a 120-unit complex, and Villa Hermosa, 50 units, which are age property, meaning they are from the 60s, 70s and 80s.” 

With the federal cuts, the board of directors, and staff, decided they needed to look for other avenues in which HA could obtain funding to up-keep those units and redevelop them as they needed remodeling and attention.

“So, with those limited funds we had to seek other sources with private funding with a loan to be able to upgrade these units,” she said.

De Luna stated that Casa Del Rio will be getting new flooring, new painting, new ceiling fans, AC units, which currently window units are used.

Housing Authority is not only interested in upgrading Casas Del Rio’s dwelling units, but also involved for the first time ever in building a much needed, community building, said De Luna.

De Luna stated that in several meetings with the residents, they asked them for feedback on what they wanted to see done? The consensus was “a place to gather, where “we can celebrate different holidays.” 

The community building will house a kitchen and a computer lab.

In concluding the interview, De Luna said. “This transition was very hard because we have been working on the same module all the time with public housing and we are going to get out of that and be a new program which is not dependent on the government.” “We are going to need to help ourselves, because this transition is a lot of hard work.” I have to give credit to my staff, my senior vice president, Isidro Valdez, and maintenance; and without my staff, which is the best, we couldn’t operate. “Also, credit to the board of commissioners for their support.”