Jim Sánchez/ Leo Sánchez, Conexión Del Rio 

H-E-B staff 

DEL RIO– H-E-B Del Rio District Manager, Eddie Lucio, hired five months ago, was tasked with implementing a new projected called, Curbside. 

“We’re always talking about being innovative, making sure to give new things to our customers,” said Lucio.

The lady with the flowers, Mrs. Copeland (and son) was the first customer to use H-E-B's Curbside service.

H-E-B Curbside service is done with two things in mind for its customers. One is efficiency; the second one is making it easier for the customer to find all the items online then order them. This makes it hassle-free and the groceries can then be delivered to the customer’s vehicle for pickup, stated Lucio.

The curbside concept originated in San Antonio and then was done in Austin.

“The reason we brought it to Del Rio was because we have a lot of parents, and working moms who have to pick up their kids as they are really limited on time.” “And what better way to improve their efficient time than to make it easier for them by doing their grocery shopping online either through their phone or Internet,” Lucio said. 

Remodeling was also done on all of H-E-B’s coolers and freezers to hold more products due to the community growing. 

H-E-B’s 200 Veteran’s Blvd location, held its pre-opening Curbside services Wednesday morning at 10:30. Its store hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.