Leo Sánchez/ Jim Sánchez, Conexión Del Rio

DEL RIO – Christian radio station, KVFE’s slogan is “Life Changing Radio!”


That’s exactly what the 88.5 FM station did when it experienced its own “life” language changing identity a year ago.

Last August 8, the Family Friendly, radio station, changed with its sister station KEPX 89.5 to start broadcasting from Spanish to English.

KVFE, General Manager, Josh Guevara, was asked why the station changed its format from Spanish to English? “We had a repeater, a secondary channel used for English language program, however due to technicalities we had to switch which we were able to upon approval by the FCC,” said Guevara.

Marie Guevara, a KVFE DJ, was asked what has been the response from the audience since the changeover from Spanish to English?

“The response has been completely positive as we had so many people in the community tell us that they are happy to have live, Christian contemporary music.”

Guevara, also commented on the station’s upcoming anniversary, plans.

“We celebrate our anniversary with an open house on August 25th,” said Marie. “We’re so excited to invite the community as refreshments will be provided by Julio’s Chips, Starbucks.” 

 “We like to be involved in this community as much as we can,” concluded Guevara.

KVFE is owned by Inspiracom, a non-profit ministry organization based in Pharr, Texas. Inspiracom took over KVFE in 2014.

Guevara concluded the interview, stating that the radio station has eight volunteers which assist in the daily operations.