Leo Sánchez/ Jim Sánchez, Conexión DEL RIO 

Photo courtesy of Juan Gaytan, Jr.  


 DEL RIO – What do you get sound-wise when you mix in a little Tex Mex, classic country, and throw in an accordion? 

You get the distinctive sound from five members who comprise the group called—The Stateline Band.

Conexión Del Rio interviewed one of its members: Sergio Ojeda, accordionist, who was asked to join the band four years ago precisely because of his experience with a “squeezebox” another name given to the accordion.

However, that distinctive mixed flavor didn’t happen automatically. Scott Farris, founder of Amusement Park Recording Studio in Lubbock, Texas, after his research, found that the accordion was the best way to go for their distinctive sound. Plus, no one at that time was pushing the accordion, Tex Mex classic country sound anymore.

At the time, Ojeda played the piano 90 percent of the time but had told the group where he was really good was on the “squeezebox.”

“So we decided to revamp it and work it (accordion) in.” “It’s a really, really unique sound that fits,” Ojeda said.

Ojeda’s four other band brothers consists of: Jody Dominguez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, drummer Patrick Quain, bassist Sabino Rivero Jr., lead guitarist and back up vocalist Kurt O’Briant. 

As for how Stateline Band’s first single, “Hollywood” came about?

 Kurt O’Briant, backup vocalist wrote “Hollywood” over 10 years ago for himself. O’Briant decided to approach Sergio and the rest is history. 

“Hey Serge, I got these songs on CD that I would love for you to listen to, check them out and tell me if you like any of them,” said O’Briant. The song that stuck out to Ojeda was--"Hollywood" because of its lyrics.

Ojeda suggested using an accordion, some modulation and backup vocals. Ojeda liked the lyrics because the song is about heartbreak 

On July 28, Stateline produced their first single. Judging by their Tex Mex, classic country, and accordion mixture, the Band’s sound has caught on with its growing fan base.  

“Hollywood” is available now at all digital platforms. To learn more about The Stateline Band, visit their website, TheStatelineBand.com.