Leo Sánchez/ Jim Sánchez, Conexión Del Rio

DEL RIO – U.S. Congressman, Will Hurd, faced questions ranging from budget concerns, to border security, and the Smart Act, as he stopped off in Del Rio Thursday afternoon, August 9 as part of his DC2DQ townhall meetings.

Regarding Border Security, you and President Donald Trump have a different viewpoint on this issue. What are those differences?

“I believe a smart wall is the way to go   . . .we can’t have one size-fits-all solution because every mile of the 1,989 miles is different from the other one,” said Hurd. “A smart wall with today’s technology is a fraction of the cost.”

As for the Smart Act, Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers Act of 2012, the rule establishes a formal appeals process for applicable plans in situations where Medicare is seeking secondary payer reimbursements.

U.S. Representative Hurd’s third annual DC2DQ trip, a series of 20 public meet & greets was held at Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ, 330 Braddie Dr, Del Rio.