Gregorio Gutíerrez/ Jim Sánchez, Conexión Del Rio 

DEL RIO – 10 weeks ago, Larry Floyd, a local pastor, partnered with the manager of the San Jóse Apartments and Cynthia de Luna, of Public Housing Authority, to start a reading program for the kids within the apartment complex. 

Floyd, pastor of City Church in Del Rio which is located in the San Felipe area, implemented Literacy Connexus a Texas-based 501(c)3 organization which offers English language and literacy training programs. Pastor Floyd stated that LC’s goal is for families to read together, learn together and grow together in their education.

“San Jóse Apartments has allowed us to come in every week to do a summer reading program with Literacy Connexus material,” said Floyd.

Kids are encouraged to check books out and read them so they can retain many of the things they have learned over the last school year. “When they return in the fall they have a better retention and don’t have to review as much,” Floyd said.

Floyd concluded by saying that Literacy Connexus held a celebration where the kids could take as many books to check out as they wanted to.