Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Jim Sánchez, Conexión Del Rio 

DEL RIO – A local group known as the Breakfast Boys was started by its’ founder for the purpose of sharing ideas on how to make their community a better place to live in.

Conexión Del Rio was at the BB’s meeting which is held every Friday and met with founder, Fred Delgado and George Salinas, its’ secretary. 

“We meet to talk about the growth of Del Rio and what is going in within the community,” said Salinas. 

Delgado, former Public Housing Authority employee, got the idea to start with a group of people comprised of contractors who met for coffee to share ideas and meet informally, not get into deep serious discussions, just to chat about ways that their community could be improved upon.

Along the way, Salinas stated that there have been different topics to discuss.

We are not trying to change people’s minds, just get them to think about it from another perspective,” said Salinas.

The BB grew quickly in the early days back in 2007 as its meetings were held at various businesses within Del Rio. Eventually the membership was limited to 15 due to the fact that it was too difficult to find a place that could accommodate such a large group. And, members eventually expanded to include bankers, an attorney, a retiree, a representative from the Consul of Mexico, a surveying engineer, etc.

The “Boys” now meet every Friday at the Ramada Inn. 

“The group is unique in that the people here are hard-workers, and have an interest of trying to provide some kind of support direct or indirect to our community.” “The Breakfast Boys has it 100 percent in their hearts for the betterment of their community, to support it,” concluded Delgado.