Reno Luna / Public Information Officer, contributor

DEL RIO – SFDRCISD has announced that a new cell phone policy for middle school, freshman and high school students will go into effect at the start of the 2017-18 school year. This past summer, SFDRCISD responded to concerns expressed by teachers and parents alike by convening two separate committees to review and discuss issues regarding the existing policy. Concerns expressed by teachers and parents included increased distractions to learning and issues revolving around social media (i.e. cyber bullying). 

Each of the committees comprised of teachers, parents and students agreed that the current student cell phone policy needed to be revised to address clear rules and expectations for cell phone use during the school day for middle school and freshman/high school students separately. The new changes to the middle school cell phone and the freshman/high school cell phone policy include reduced time for cell phone use, as well as new consequences for students violating these policies. Previously, a $15 fee was assessed every time a cell phone was confiscated. Now, the consequences involve confiscating the cell phone for a period of time, and no fee will be assessed. These new recommendations were approved by the Board in July, and is included in the 2017-18 Student Handbook. 

Students, parents and staff are encouraged to review the new cell phone policies carefully in preparation for the 2017-18 school year. Campus administrators will provide students and parents with additional information on the implementation and enforcement of this policy during orientation sessions before and on the first day of school. Website