Jim Sánchez/ Conexión Del Rio 

DEL RIO – In the alphabet, the first two letters are A and B. On July 15, two girls whose names include those letters--Aurora Rosales and Briana Martinez and their families, stood side-by-side as both celebrated their quinceañera, together.

In the Mexican culture, one of the most important traditions celebrated is the quinceañera. This ceremony which takes place for a girl on her 15th birthday marks her passage to womanhood.

Our Lady of the Guadalupe Church.
Photos courtesy of Jim Sánchez

Choreography was done by Alex Hernandez.

Choreography was done by Alex Hernandez.

When Aurora and Briana were interviewed prior to their ceremony, the girls were asked whose idea it was to do the quinceañera together.

“It was actually our parents’ idea since they said we are always together, yea we should,” upon which Briana agreed.

Aurora and Briana will be sophomores at Del Rio High School when school starts.

Aurora’s parents are Hugo and Griselda Rosales. Aurora’s hobbies at one time were basketball and tennis. When she was asked who her favorite music group was, her emphatic response, “Fifth Harmony, of course!”

As for the other half of the dynamic cousin duo, Briana, is the daughter of Antonio and Gabriela Martinez. Brians enjoys tennis and loves to listen to music; her favorite group is PTSB, comprised of members:  Sugu,Dinez,Barath,Arvind &Diva. 

This couple was among the 13 who stood up in Aurora and Briana's quinceañera.

Both girls experienced mixed emotions to where it was difficult to sleep the night before. Aurora and Briana stated it was an exciting night that meant so much to them to share with their families and friends. 

The master of ceremonies and DJ was Jesse Mendoza., South Texas Sounds. Mendoza played a wide genre of music, ranging from Barry White’s Can’t get Enough of Your Love, to Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Me.

Briana and her parents.

Aurora Rosales and her parents.

Rosales and Martinez’ families, along with 250 other relatives and friends danced the night away away from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. The quinceañera was held at Imperius Events, located 18 miles north of 1706 US-90, Del Rio, TX.

Left-to-right: Alex Hernandez, Daniel and Alex son, Daniel. 

Alex' daughter, Mya Amore, also stood up in the Rosales-Martinez' quinceañera. Her escort was Sebastian Carrillo.

The caterer for the quinceañera was Sergio Alvarez, owner of La Hacienda Restaurant in Del Rio. The evening meal consisted of chicken with sauce, mashed potatoes, corn, Green beans, Italian bread and tea. 

Aurora's cake, which was served later, was a four-tier layered, chocolate cake.