Conexión Del Río / Gregorio Gutiérrez

Del Rio, Texas. - The Manager of the city of San Angelo, Henry Arredondo commented on his work and dedication to serve the community.

“My first priority is management. I am the chief executive officer of the city. The municipal organization is people serving people. My position is challenging but I’m not afraid of challenges. I have been challenged before during my career. You learn by doing and from the wisdom of other people who came before you.

Communication is one key thing in this job, we have to make things better for this city. We make a list of things and then we prioritize the most important ones.

The next step is to understand the structures of the city and the role that different executives have to play. Then we look at the capacity of the project and the budget available. Some of the things we have improve include the city software, the water system has new membranes to filter water, and some departments have new vehicles. In a very short amount of time we have done a big volume of street maintenance. 

Gas is one utility that the city owns, unlike electricity, natural gas belongs to the city, is a resource we should use more. The airport is reopening in Del Rio, this is another resource we brought to the city. 

We have a very good relationship with the major and other city officials, thanks to them the city keeps moving forward” commented Henry Arredondo.