Gregorio Gutierrez/Conexion Del Rio

Del Rio, Texas. – Oriana Fernandez, Economic Development Director of Del Rio commented about the reopening of the Skies Airport in Del Rio and their new proposal.

“This is the same company that we had an agreement with a little bit over a year ago. The lack of security services caused a delay and when TSA told us that they were ready to provide security here, Texas Skies had move on to other plans and then we had to wait for them. We finally got a response and we will reopen the airport on May 1st” commented Oriana.

Juan Carlos Onofre is in charge of the airport as the manager, he reports to Oriana at the Economic Development Department.

“I am in charge of keeping the airport comply with all the local, state and federal regulations. I flew with the Columbia Air Force for 21 years and then retired and came to Del Rio to settle here. I have been working with the city for the last four years” commented Juan Carlos.

Mario Bosques also commented on the opening of the airport in Del Rio:

"We will have a daily flight to Dallas Fort Worth Airport, with the exception of Saturdays. This is a very good option because it opens a way to the world. Dallas Fort Worth Airport is international. This local airport opens a door for us to bring more business to the community," commented Mario.