Del Río, Texas. – Jorge Torres is one of the Directors for coordinating the markets that have been happening monthly in Del Rio. He commented about how they started in the San Felipe area and now year it expanded to Del Rio.

“It started January of last year in the San Felipe area. It started at the Plaza Hall with the Winter Park. We named it San Felipe Market and this year we expanded it to a more traffic area, the Civic Center, so we changed the name to ‘Del Rio Market’. The Market shows arts and crafts, so people can show their work. Some people also sell clothes from different companies, this is a change for people to start their businesses. 

We had a person who started as a vendor in our Market and now he has his own business store in downtown, I believe his name is AP Palacios.

We would for everybody to come out and support this market, we want to grow it big. I have been to different places like, Kerrville, Bernie, Fredericksburg, smaller cities than Del Rio and they have bigger markets. They have almost 250 vendors out there. Small business are also welcome to come”

For more information, contact Jorge Torres 830-309-6640 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. there is a $45 fee to join the market as a vendor.