Ramiro Guzman/Conexion Contributor

DEL RIO,TX–Residents of Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña will join their respective mayors, March 25, in a demonstration of unity among the two cities.

Presidents Gustavo Díaz Ordaz and Richard Nixon (pictured) dedicated the dam in 1969

Public Domain image courtesy of the National Archives

The non-partisan unity rally will begin at 3 p.m., March 25, with participants from both cities forming a hand-to-hand chain stretching along the pedestrian walkway, on the International Bridge, from Del Rio to Ciudad Acuña. 

The Mexican golden eagle (left) and the American bald eagle (right) mark the international boundary on Amistad Dam

Photo by Jonathan McIntosh, Flickr's Creative Commons

Meeting in the middle of the bridge will be Del Rio Mayor Robert Garza and Ciudad Acuña 

Mayor Hector Arocha, forming the final link in the chain.

Afterward, receptions will be hosted by each city. The event will feature addresses by both mayors and invited guests. Del Rio native and country music star Radney Foster will be on hand to participate in the event and perform.

Pictured: Radney Foster, courtesy of Rate Sister Rallies

The rally is being sponsored by the non-profit group We Are One Foundation. Jorge Urby, one of the organizers of the event, said the rally will highlight the oneness of Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña as a unified community.

“Current and proposed U.S.policies threaten our border economy and the good relations between both our cities and countries,” Urby noted. “We encourage residents of Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña to join together in the spirit of friendship and unity.

“The long-standing spirit of Amistad unifies our communities both culturally and economically, and this event will serve to exemplify that spirit.”