Conexión Del Río / Leo Sánchez

Del Rio, Texas. – McCoy’s Building Supply celebrated its 20th anniversary in the city of Del Rio along with their 90 year anniversary of the company in business. Store Manager Mitchell Gonzalez commented about the celebration and their ‘board cutting’.

“McCoy’s has Christian values, they are a family owned company going on four generations now. That’s something very difficult to do. They have a very strong work ethic, they are a very caring family, and they like to give back to the community, they do charity work as well. I’ve been working with them since I was 16 years old and those are the reasons why I’ve been with them for so long.

I’ve been 25 years with the company and they have allowed me to progress, they provided me the tools to help me be successful. I want to thank the community for their support and their friendship, thanks to them is why we have been 20 years in the community” commented Mr. Gonzalez.

Brian McCoy, president and CEO of the company said: “To celebrate our 20th and our 90th we cut the board, we don’t cut ribbons here at McCoy’s.”