Del Rio, Texas. – BFCU celebrated Mario Gonzalez, an employee who has been working 20 years for the company.

“When I started working here I was recently retired from the State Health Department, so I was here just as a part time help. I was planning to work only six weeks and they turn out to be six years, then sixteen and now I am completing twenty. I am the maintenance and custodian, I take care of the building, I check everything inside and deliver contracts to customers” commented Mr. Mario Gonzalez.

Mr. Gonzalez loves his job, he said it is a good place to work, the people are great and treat you right. Anyone who can get the chance to work in a place like this should take the opportunity.

Mrs. Martinez also commented about Mr. Gonzalez.

“Mario has been with us 20 years and we are been very blessed to have him. Back then, when he started, I wasn’t the CEO, Mr. Canon was the CEO. Mario has been so helpful, even when we needed someone to translate for us, he was there, he is a multitask person” commented BFCU CEO Mrs. Martinez.