Conexión Del Rio / Leo Sánchez

Del Rio, Texas. – “A supervisor has to balance between what you are going to do, how you are going to maintain that good relationship and being a supervisor” those were the introduction words by chief of Fire Department Joe Harrington, who commented with Conexion about his job and career.

“I was born and raised in Del Rio, I’ve been working with Del Rio Fire Department since 1977, when I was 21. The vision of becoming a firefighter came to me when I was in high school, inspired by my brother. There were also other people who started my guidance in the fire service.

You have to hear the calling to be a firefighter, it’s something that gets in your blood. I’ve never have a day that I did not want to go to work for this department” commented Chief Harrington.

He mentioned that they were going to be doing some promotions because there are some vacancies and they need to be filled as soon as possible.

“We need to place them at the right spot, so we can get some training job for them. They need to learn the new positions the new responsibilities and authorities and develop themselves. After a while we will evaluate them and place them in the right place” shared the Chief.

He wants to thank the public for their support, they do this job because the community needs them.