Leo Sánchez / Conexión Del Río


Del Rio, Texas. – Eduardo R Pena commented about the ‘Del Rio for Life’ march that was held Jan 22, to celebrate life and support the end of abortion.

“44 years ago, the Supreme Court legalized abortion after the controversial case of Roe vs Wade. Since then, abortion has contributed to the loss of over 60 million innocent lives. That’s why we are here to protest against that decision, we feel that every human life is precious, from the moment of conception, and we are here to protect those lives.

The very next year after the Supreme Court made their decision, a small group of people protested at Washington DC. The protests spread to other places, and eventually came to Del Rio. This is our fourth year that we celebrate this march with Del Rio for Life, which is a nonprofit group of friends but hopefully we can become a certified nonprofit organization. 

We have the support from many different churches in town, Catholic, Baptists, and everybody that feels that life is sacred” commented Mr. Pena.

This group has a web site available for more information delrio4life.org with information about events, volunteering and any other information.