Leo Sánchez/Conexión San Ángelo

Del Rio, Texas. – Val Verde County Judge, Efrain Valdez commented about his background and his contributions to the Val Verde County.

“I was born in the area of San Felipe, I worked as a school teacher and coach for 35 years at the San Felipe school district. From 1973 to 1976 I worked in San Jose, CA, as a bilingual teacher. I worked for the city council in 1998. I became Del Rio Mayor in 2006 and a second term in 2010. I became the county Judge in 2015, and I’ll have this term until 2018 but I hope I can get re-elected.

My office staff and I agree that we need to move the county forward. The city of Del Rio connects with three major cities which are San Antonio, San Angelo and Eagle Pass. We are looking for an improvement for the highway to Eagle Pass where we can have more areas of 4 lanes available.

Yesterday we celebrated MLK day and I think that it is good to have a dream but you have to be prepared to accomplish that dream. For example, to realize my dream of becoming a Judge I needed to be prepared and that’s why I started as a city council and later on as a Mayor. I learned how city government works, and my vision was easier to achieve. We all want to leave a legacy for the next generation, leave the doors open for better opportunities, that’s another reason why we get this positions, to help other accomplish their dreams as well.

Technology has been a great help during the last years. Now we can keep the community informed and updated on the projects that we are doing for them. Anyone can visit our web site valverdecounty.texas.gov and log in to look up the meetings time, general information and contact info” commented Judge Valdez.

For more information about the government and meeting times, visit valverdecounty.texas.gov