Leo Sanchez/Conexio San Angelo

DEL RIO,TX– In celebration of Martin Luther King’s Day, Del Rioans marched through the streets of Del Rio and Pastor Travis Norwood, of Greater Mount Olive Church, commented about the celebration of this day:

“I was born in 1948, I was 14 or 15 years old when Martin Luther King did a lot of his work. I used to live in Mississippi and I remember we had two bathrooms, one for white and one for black people. When going to a restaurant, we had to eat in the back, when riding a bus, we had to ride in the back, not in the front. At night, we had to be home before dawn, if not, bad things would happen to us. A lot of black people would get lynched or burned for breaking these laws. MLK promoted equal rights, revolutionized the USA and promoted love and nonviolence” commented pastor Norwood.

Del Rioans march in honor of Martin Luther King's Dream

Diana Salgado, one of the organizers of the event, commented:

“We marched from Star Park at 11 a.m. all the way to the court house where we had our program and several speakers. We watched the video of MLK’s speech ‘I Have A ream’ and we provided hot dogs and drinks for the people who attended the event. This is the 13th year we’ve been doing this march” said Salgado.

Charles Pierce has been a residence of Del Rio for 45 years, he also commented about the MLK march:

“We represent the dream, the diversity, the difference in which we live now compared to the 50s and 60s when we had the laws of segregation. Del Rio used to be bad, even around the 70s but we continued to make the change, not just her in DR but across the whole nation. No man should have the rule or authority to control others, they should be in harmony trying to work things out” commented Mr. Pierce.

Mr. Pierce also wants to thank all the people who showed up at the event to help maintain the tradition and real meaning of this holiday celebration.