Leo Sanchez/Conexion Del Rio

DEL RIO,TX–200 plus people attended the event with live music and food held by Del Rio Community Garden. Monica Salazar, board member, commented about the organization:

“We built the stage with pallets just for the event. There were six or seven chefs who cooked and local ranchers donated meat and lamb.

We are meeting once a week at 5:30 at the Garden, the community is invited. We provide refreshments and everything. We have different projects going on, people can come and help us harvest, and right now we are working on a cactus garden. We have all the materials, we just need more hands.

We educate people in gardening, our  focus is family, friends, adults, and all ages.

About the garden: we focus more on stuff that can be eaten, chili peppers, herbs, vegetables, etc. We are going to be planting more, we take donations from the community in the sense that sometimes members will bring plants from their home. This is something new for the community, something healthy, something different and we would like to invite the whole community” commented Mrs. Salazar.

Del Rio Community Garden meets every Thursday at 5:30 pm and is located at 210 Jones St.