Leo Sanchez/Conexion Del Rio

DEL RIO,TX–Mr. Herman Everett from Judy’s Bail Bonds commented about the business, which has been established since 1982.

“A bail bond is a type of financial form that is used normally when somebody is in jail and needs a certain amount to be paid and get out of jail. The company was originally from Odessa, and they came to Del Rio, initially working only part time. Eventually the company took over and separated from Odessa.

We base our company on the quickest with a response, we don’t sell a product, we cannot compare and say our product is better, but we can say we are very fast to do the paper work and help the person get out of jail.

After the release, there are two important thing to follow: Make sure all your contact information is correct and make sure that you don’t miss your court days. We have someone in our staff who works notifying people of their court days and making sure they update anything that may change on their information.

Technology has been one of the biggest changes we’ve been through all this time. Nowadays it is easier to keep records, provide information and keep in contact with customers, by sending them text messages and even through our Facebook page. This way people don’t miss their court notices and they are updated on their contact information.

To become a bail bond business person, you really have to work for somebody, learn as much as you can and then do it on your own. Law school is also a great option, but you still have to get the experience” commented Mr. Everett.

Judy’s Bail Bonds has Fastest Service Release and is Open 24 hours a day.