Leo Sánchez / Conexión Del Río

Del Rio, Texas. – Michelle Ballard, one of the coordinators at Val Verde 4H, commented about the organization:

“There are a lot of areas and projects in 4H. One of them is our Good Nutrition program, but we also have shooting, photography, and clothing, take care of animals, dog projects and other programs that we have developed for the kids. They can see this as an intro for farming and life in general, since one of the things they learn is to have organization skills. 

4H is not part of the school district. It is part of the Val Verde County. We have a stock show with goats, pigs, rabbits, and then we have an auction where local businesses and families will bid on these animals. Most of these kids use that money to go to college. We also provide scholarships. Again, 4H is not only about animals, kids can do photography, food nutrition, and other activities” commented Mrs. Ballard.

Every year on June there is a competition with other counties. For more information on 4H, the phone number is 830-774-7591, there is a Facebook page Valvercecounty4H, there is a onetime fee of $20 to join.