Leo Sanchez/Conexion Del Rio

Del Rio, Texas. – Mr. Henry Sotelo commented about the activity where they donated goods to residents of DR Housing Authority, who reside in the Roswell building of the city of Del Rio, Texas.

"This activity is part of the Del Rio Board of Realtors, we are distributing quilts, blankets, socks, to give to the very old people. This event was initiated by Border Credit Union, Del Rio Titles, to give something to the residents that at the moment we have 56 living here.

Romeles López and Catalina González are the main responsible for organizing this event, representing the Housing Authority of Del Rio. Romeles is the manager. I hope all our residents have a happy year," commented Mr. Sotelo

Romeles Lopez also commented about this event:

The actual donations came from the Del Rio Board of Realtors, every year they get together and on one of their meetings they donated blankets, sucks, gloves, hats and staff of that nature for the residents. We are very grateful for the Del Rio Realtors. This is just for the Roswell residents.

Housing Authority is located at 207 Bethel Ave, Del Rio, Texas.