Photography courtesy of Lyndale at San Angelo

Ricardo Rubio/Conexion Contributor

The Christmas Season is a moment to spend time with loved ones, in freedom to attain happiness.  There is a group of people in our society that draw my attention.  That group of people are senior citizens.   Becoming a senior is a moment to rejoice in life with freedom and happiness as is an endless Christmas.  

At times it is not always so.   Sometimes retirement is the beginning of a phase when companies relieve their employees of great value.  It is a time when families and society separate themselves from a senior by cornering them, withdrawing from them, alienating them and excluding them from their daily lives. 

This Christmas let’s remember, welcome and hold a loved one, who is a senior. If our loved one is close to retirement, in the process of retiring or they have retired because a partner is living one of these 

experiences, we must involve them in our daily lives.

To retire is to change activity in our everyday lives.  People who retire can live 20 to 30 years more by being active, healthy, fruitful and living a pleasant life full of fabulous experiences.

Life means so much more than money, than fame and success.  We must face a long road ahead of us of feeling fatigued, taking medications, being dependent, but also it is a time a of enjoyment, peace and hope. It is a life of past, present and future. To walk through retirement is to walk steadily in the present time with courage, strength, joy, sobriety and much happiness.

That is why everyone, and especially the elderly people of our community, should be loved and cherished this Christmas!  

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ricardo Rubio