Rubén Cantú-Rodríguez/Conexión Del Río

DEL RIO – The Del Rio Police Department is investigating a rash of damaged vehicles ranging from broken windows to egged cars, which took place August 29-31, 2016. Dozens of vehicle owners are reporting damages, while all sectors of the city and some in the county were affected.

According to the Del Rio Police Department reports, on Monday, August 29, two vehicles were damaged in Dr. Fermin Calderon Blvd., in the southeast side of town. On August 30 two more cases were reported, these ones on Sage St.

On August 31, the bulk of the attacks spread all over town, including Fox St. Wernett, E 12th, W 11th, Santa Maria Dr., Bean, Delmar, E Adobe, Buckhorn, Bulmer, Alta Vista, E 6th, Bandera, Encino Dr., Broadbend, Ave C, E 14th, Nicholson, and W Gutierrez.

Until Friday, September 2, the Del Rio Police Department had 24 cases documented. The damages have not yet been totaled, but they are believed to be in the thousands of dollars.

The Del Rio Police Department is working in conjunction with the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office in investigating this vandalism spree. 

During the first incidents vehicles were egged and showered with flour, but on the latter ones officials believe a BB gun was utilized to shoot car windows broken.

Authorities already have a description of the vehicle and believe a single party is responsible for all the vehicles damaged. Street patrolling has increased, and officials are asking anybody who may have video surveillance footage, even if they were not affected, to contact the Police Department.

Anybody with information regarding this vehicle damage spree may contact the Del Rio Police Department at (830) 774 2711.