Jim Sánchez/Conexion San Ángelo

Jim Sánchez/Conexion San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO–Tuesday evening's 6 p.m. Neighborhood chat for San Angelo residents had increased chatter regarding a proposed water rate increase that the City Council is considering. A good portion of citizens, particularly one, Chris Cornell, in his opinion said previous talk on this issue had lingered long enough and it needed to move along faster.

SMD5, Elizabeth Grindstaff introduced Water Utilities Director, Bill Riley, and other City staff who were present for a town hall meeting to present information on the proposed new water rate increases, which could begin as early as January 2016. 

Prior to Riley's power point presentation highlighting the challenges facing the City, he said he heard from residents who had been asked by the City to conserve water, which they had and now they were being penalized for that.

"One thing that we have to understand is that the sale of water is what finances the utilities operation which is primarily a fixed cost operation," Riley said. Just because the water sale or use drops, those costs don't go away which has a negative impact on the financial position of the utility.

The meeting is scheduled for this evening at 6 p.m. at the Board of Realtors office, 1902 Pecos St.