Conexion Del Rio/Consul of Mexico in Del Rio

ACUÑA, COAHUILA-The Mexican Consulate in Del Rio, in coordination with local and state authorities of the City of Acuña and the State of Coahuila, united in order to strengthen strategies for Protection of Mexicans Abroad on Monday, February 13th. 

Meetings were held with key actors, community leaders, partners of pro-migrant organizations and allies on both sides of the border to publicize the Consul's assistance and protection actions that have been deployed and which are necessary to ensure the integrity and respect for the rights of Mexicans who have been detained and are in the custody of immigration authorities in the United States.

The authorities made an invitation to the entire community to take precautions and to stay informed and in touch with the Consulate of Mexico (Tel. +1 (830) 734-9962, and on Twitter@Consulmex Del Rio and Facebook @ConsulMexDelRio), since it is important that the nationals become familiar with the different scenarios they may face and know where to go to receive updated guidance and know their rights.

The Mexican Consulate Network in the United States has various tools available to all Mexicans to assist them with the preparation of any scenario, the knowledge of legal resources available to them, and a plan in place if an emergency were to occur, in definitive cases, to have a safe return to Mexico.

The Mexican community is encouraged to stay informed about migratory issues and to know the protection services offered by the Consulate by calling the Mexican Information and Assistance Center (CIAM), available at no cost to them 24 hours a day, every day of the year by calling 1 855 463 6395.