Conexion Del Rio/Staff report

WASHINGTON,DC–Many Border Patrol Agents and Custom’s Officers who work daily to secure our borders will finally be provided financial certainty, thanks to a bill that passed the Senate on Thursday evening and has been sent to the President’s desk. The bill, authored by U.S. Representative Will Hurd, standardizes overtime pay within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for those who patrol our border specifically by aircraft and vessel, providing certainty to agents who work long hours, and resulting in cost savings of approximately $2 million each year. Under current law, these agents are subject to separate overtime pay procedures that result in confusing and inconsistent paychecks. 

“Imagine risking your life to confront a violent cartel, only to take home less pay than you did the month before, for equal work. This is what’s been happening over and over to the people who work long hours to secure our border,” said Hurd whose district includes over 800 miles of the Texas-Mexico border. “We owe clear, consistent, and fair payment policies to the families that sacrifice so much, and I’ll continue to fight for the CBP officers who often put their lives on the line for our safety.” 

The bill was previously approved unanimously in the House of Representatives, and will be the freshman Congressman’s sixth bill to be signed into law by the President. In May 2015, a previous Hurd bill was signed into law that stabilized the paychecks for Border Patrol Agents who were facing a deep cut in their pay, despite working the same number of hours.