• It emphasizes Mexico's respect for the US laws and legal procedures

• It reiterates our country's concern about the possible negative effects of SB4

Today, the Government of Mexico filed a sworn statement before the District Court of the Western District of Texas in San Antonio, in support of the application filed by civil society organizations to temporarily enjoin the implementation of SB4, scheduled to enter into force on September 1st. Legislations like SB4 further criminalize the migration phenomenon; open spaces for possible acts of racial profiling; reduce the collaboration of the immigrant community with local authorities; and foster an environment of persecution.

The statement emphasizes the respect the Government of Mexico has towards the laws and legal procedures of the United States. However, it reiterates our country's concern about the possible negative effects of SB4 on the Mexican and Mexican descent community, which represents one-third of the total population of Texas.

This document offers data regarding the consequences of SB4 approval on the Mexican community, based on statistics that show an increasing demand for consular services.

It points out that the number of Mexicans in Texas calling the Center for Information and Assistance for Mexicans (CIAM) during May and June, increased 678%, compared to the same period last year. In addition, there was a 32.4% increase in official documents issued to Mexicans.

The declaration notes that cases of consular protection related to civil-law issues in the 11 consulates of Mexico in Texas, have increased by 45% compared to the same period last year.

The statement also notes that during the six weeks before the approval of the legislation, 585 Mexican citizens requested legal advice from the Mexican consulates in Texas. In the ensuing six weeks, that number increased to 926 cases, a growth of 60%. During the same period, the number of Mexicans who requested information about the US naturalization process increased over 27%.

These figures and statistics reflect the uncertainty our community is facing in Texas and the distress that the implementation of this legislation has caused among the Mexican population.

The Government of Mexico will continue to closely follow the legal procedures against SB4, and will resort to all legal actions within its reach in order to continue protecting Mexicans who visit and live in Texas.