Gregorio Gutiérrez/Conexión Del Río

José Luis Díaz Mirón, deputy consul of the Department of Protection in Del Rio, commented on his connection with lawyer Lozano and the capital project from the meeting.

"The government has developed more interest in the events that can put in risk the migratory situation of the people. The Mexican government has instructed us to reach the channels of connection that can provide assistance such as lawyers, associations, and organizations that are identified as promoting the cause of helping Mexicans. One of these is Attorney Lozano Firm, who is a specialist in this immigration situation.

We have information available in brochures that provides information about procedures, alternative options and benefits for people. is the website that they can visit. We want people to approach the Consulate so that we can guide them.

Attorney Lozano also commented:

“The main topic in this meeting is to encourage people to apply to become citizens. We focused on why it is important to become a citizen, which is a form of protection and a way of receiving a lot of benefits that they would not get as an illegal immigrant. 

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