Gregorio Gutierrez, Rogelio Garcia/ Conexion Del Rio

DEL RIO- History was made on May 5, 2018 as Del Rioans elected as their mayor, Bruno Lozano, the youngest to ever serve in this position. 

In his speech, Lozano stated that his election as mayor of Del Rio is symbolic. He believes Del Rio citizens wanted a change when they elected him. He is the youngest mayor, and the first millennial, to be elected, at age 35, in what he considers an honorable field.

 “I care about this city, and about everyone, we have to be respectful and cordial of each other’s needs and wants even if we don’t like each other” said Mayor Lozano.

Lozano considers himself a completely different candidate from previous candidates. He intends to have open doors for Del Rio citizens, to make them feel included in government decisions. He also wants to unite the citizens, the council, and the city so that they all move together in a similar direction, regardless of different opinions. “We need to respect each other, not berate each other, not belittle each other, we need to instill pride in Del Rio.” His message to the community is, “Government begins with you, it’s time we take that responsibility, all of us together,” Lozano said.