Conexión Del Rio / Staff report 

DEL RIO – Sean Saint Germain was briefly interviewed by Conexión Del Rio last week. Prior to the questions, is an introduction to his bio.

My name is Sean Saint Germain. I was born and raised in the State of Georgia and was the youngest of three. I graduated high school with honors at the age of 16, from Faith Academy. 

At the age of 17, I enlisted in the United State Air Force/Security Forces. During my enlistment, in 2007, I received orders to Laughlin Air Force Base where I completed my enlistment. In 2010, I honorably separated from the Air Force. 

I remained in Del Rio, joining the Del Rio Police Department in early 2011. I served the community in a law enforcement capacity for a little over 5 years. During this time, I established Del Rio’s first canine program and primary focused on combating drug crimes. Once my canine retired, I became certified as a motorcycle officer. While employed I received approximately 1350 hours of law enforcement training. 

In 2016, my career path changed after receiving employment from a contract security company. 

Since in Del Rio, I have married, am a father to three children, and a stepdaughter. I have transplanted to Del Rio from Georgia and now call it my home. 

Saint Germain, who submitted his application for the At-Large, Place C position on the last day to file, is among five other candidates who are running for the seat that is occupied by incumbent, Fred Contreras. Contreras decided not to seek re-election. The tightly knit field consists of: Rene “Reno” Luna, Trinidad Ramirez III, Dr. Lee Thomas Keenen Jr., Raul Cardenas Ojeda and Loida S. Arellano.

Q: “Why should the people vote for you?”

“All the candidates have their respective motives for running for this position. Some are known, some are not; however, I entered this election to face responsibilities and not to be intimidated by accountability. I see myself as an equal in the community, and I’m here to be a voice, in the words of Thomas Paine, I quote “. . . I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense: . . .” Paine, an English-born American was a political activist, philosopher, political theorist.

“There is no secret agenda for my purpose in running. It is in fact very simple. This community is where my friends and family live. The people need a voice that is not easily silenced by the opinion of six but vocalized by the betterment of the community.”  “I ask the people, is Del Rio where you imagined it would be four years ago?”

Q: “What is your campaign slogan?”

“Operating on the principles of common sense” “However, personally I do not view it as a slogan.” “I believe it to be a simpler way of thinking.” “The leaders and people of influence in this city must remember that they are to pull the city in one direction together.”  “Everyone wants “change....change....change.” “Every politician advertises it’s what they can provide.” “But, citizens of Del Rio, do you really need change, or is what we need direction and opportunities?” “I offer common sense, not complexities,” concluded Saint Germain.